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Business Directory


St Joseph’s Board has set up a Directory of Small Businesses owned by families in our school community, to support those impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. There is no cost to be involved. This directory will be first published on Friday 31 July and updated as more submissions are received.

Please aim to keep your business details under 50 words and note that editing for clarity, style or length may take place before publication.

To submit a business via our online Form press on ctrl and click ==> Apply Here

Please email Melanie Stapleton with any questions at 8170svc_admin@cewa.edu.au however, please use the form above to send nominations if possible.

We are also accepting JPG files such as a logo, poster, brochure or business card if you would prefer this to a written description, however, these must be emailed directly to: 8170svc_admin@cewa.edu.au

Download a copy of the Directory ==> Here..