Our Community

St Joseph's is fortunate to enjoy a large amount of parental involvement. This not only enhances our learning programmes but also gives parents the opportunity to be a part of their child's education at school. There are a wide range of areas that parents can assist in classroom programmes such as participating in the Kindergarten and Preprimary Rosters, writing rosters, reading rosters, library helpers, Canteen and so forth.

Parents and Friends Association

Parents and guardians are expected to be active participants within the Parents and Friends Association which exists to improve the educational facilities for the students, provide a forum for school / home liaison and organise social events. Meetings are held each month and parents are informed of the time in the newsletter at the beginning of the year. It is expected that every family will be represented at these meetings.

Aims Of Our Parents and Friends Association

  • Support the aims of the State Federation.
  • Develop a Christian community.
  • Achieve common St Joseph's School goals.
  • Liaison between the school community and Principal / School Board.
  • Social and educational interaction between home and school, parents and staff.
  • Encourage active participation by parents in their children's school years.
  • Forum for ideas and discussion on issues that will benefit our children's education.
  • Education for parents in their own faith development and that of their children.
  • Arrange guest speakers in educational, faith development and other areas of interest.
  • Fundraising for resources necessary for the children or to assist the teachers.
  • Assistant with planning, organising or running social, sporting, cultural and educational functions for the school community.

School Board

The School Board assists the Principal in a number of ways with the two main areas being financial management and capital development. The school board is accountable to the Catholic Education Commission of W.A. Each year an Annual General Meeting is held and all parents, except those employed by the school, are eligible for election.