Specialist Areas

We believe that to develop the whole child it is imperitive to broaden their educational outlook by including a wide variety of activities and experiences. At St Joseph's, as well as the usual classroom lessons, students have many opportunities in specialist areas.

Programmes in these areas are developed, delivered and evaluated by specialist teaching staff.

Visual Arts

Once a week our students from Year One to Year Seven engage in fun, creative and highly stimulating visual arts activities. These activities are highlighted in our biannual art show, where every student has multiple pieces on display.


Students attend formal lessons in computing each week with a specialist teacher. All students, from Preprimary to Year Seven, are taught computer skills sequentially. Further to this program, classroom teachers regularly provide access to the computer laboratory, mobile laptops and in-class computers as part of their normal teaching and learning experience for students.

Physical Education

St Joseph's has a specialist teaching program for Physical Education. Students attend weekly lessons, learning skills for a variety of physical activities and sports. Our focus is very much on enjoyment, participation, fitness and skills for life. Students from Years One to Seven participate in interm swimming lessons and the school has an annual Swimming Carnival for students in Years Four to Seven.

St Joseph's also participates in the Interschool Swimming Carnival, competing against a number of schools in the local area. Our annual Athletics Carnival is held in fourth term, involving students from Preprimary to Year Seven. This is followed by participation in an Interschool Athletics competition with other schools in the area.


Students attend music lessons with specialist teachers every week and have weekly singing practice as a whole school. St Joseph's also offers formal training in choral singing with a Junior, Year Five and Senior Choir. These award winning choirs participate annually in the Bunbury Eisteddfod and The Performing Arts Festival in Perth. They also sing regularly at sacramental Masses.

Our Year Six students are specifically trained to participate in the Combined Schools Music Festival held in Bunbury each year.


Each week, students from Years One to Seven attend lessons in the Indonesian language with a specialist Indonesian teacher.


Recognising that many students experience difficulty in their learning during their schooling, St Joseph's offers a Challenge support programme. Students who require extra assistance attend small group lessons with a specialist teacher outside of the normal classroom.

Classroom teachers and the specialist work together to provide learning opportunities targeted to assist these students. Allied to this program, we offer in-class support four mornings a week for students in Years One to Three.


Students from Years Four to Seven who demonstrate exceptional capabilities through a formal testing process are invited to participate in the Enrichment Program. This program gives these students further learning opportunities to extend their natural abilities.

It includes the development of cognitive skills, e.g. critical thinking, problem solving, creativity etc. Students are withdrawn from their normal class for a period of 100 minutes each week.


Students are given the opportunity to attend educational excursions each year. At St Joseph's we recognise the importance of providing these learning experiences in the wider community to broaden and extend knowledge. Every endeavour is made to keep excursion costs to a minimum.


Each year students attend at least two fully subsidised incursions. These are chosen to compliment and highlight curriculum areas deemed to be important for the students in any particular year.


Year Seven students participate in a five day camp each year during first semester. The focus of the camp is team building, trust, leadership, cooperation, enjoyment and friendship and is a valuable experience for students in their final year of primary school. Camps are held at accredited venues and organised by the classroom teachers.

Camp activities provide the students with enjoyment and challenge.