Vision Statement

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School is a Christ-centred community, within the Bunbury Parish, which aspires to educate and develop the whole child in a caring, Catholic environment, recognising and respecting the uniqueness, dignity and rights of others.


St Joseph's Catholic Primary School strives:

  • To assist each individual in the school community to become more like God through the integration of faith and life;
  • To foster a loving, secure and just environment in which all are welcome;
  • To appreciate and develop the unique gifts of all and to cater for individual needs and abilities;
  • To work together as a total community to develop a sense of responsibility, reverence and respect for ourselves, others and our world;
  • To encourage all to achieve their full potential and recognise excellence in a variety of areas, and;
  • To provide a well-balanced and enriched curriculum to equip all with the necessary skills to participate fully in our rapidly changing society.