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Mission And Values

Mission Statement

The St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Community continues the mission of our Sisters of Mercy founders.

Staff, students and parents work collaboratively in an inclusive environment to empower the whole child to grow and learn about God, themselves and the world.

Through the provision of excellence in education, the students are supported in becoming compassionate, resilient and active members of their community who have the courage to act on their beliefs.

Vision Statement

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is a Christ-centred community, within the Bunbury Parish, which aspires to educate and develop the whole child in a caring, Catholic environment, recognising and respecting the uniqueness, dignity and the rights of others.

Moral Purpose

St Joseph’s school community is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment where high expectations and opportunities will produce resilient, life-long learners.

Our School Crest

Our school crest reminds us that our school continues a tradition of dedication and service brought to Bunbury by the Sisters of Mercy almost 100 years ago.

The cross conveys the centrality of Christ and Church to our school.

The “Ms”, which form ‘spires’ on our crest, reminds us of the Sisters of Mercy teaching order which was involved in founding Catholic Schools in Bunbury, and Mary the Mother of Jesus. The rising red and green spires also reflect the presence of the Church and of our own hopes of growing towards God.

Our School Motto is "By Faith: Living, Loving, Learning."

Living: We try to live the way that Jesus showed us to and it gives us our incentive to behave and succeed to the best of our ability.

Loving: Reminds us that we must love everyone equally and forgive those who do us wrong.

Learning: We learn the way of God through working to our maximum capacity.

Our FAITH is the energy which drives our lives.

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